New Study Shows Modified Citrus Pectin Activates Powerful Immune Responses

By Isaac Eliaz

Groundbreaking new research demonstrates the ability of a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) to greatly enhance immune function. The study found that MCP activated B-cells in a dose-dependent manner, and induced a highly significant dose-dependent activation of T-cytotoxic cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells. The NK-cell’s cancer killing activity was demonstrated against live leukemia cancer cells.

The research focuses on MCP’s immune-stimulatory properties in human blood samples, resulting in modulation of different arms of the immune system. Immune researchers at the Dharma Biomedical LLC (Miami, FL) are excited. MCP induced an increase in B-cells, T-cytotoxic cells, and NK-cells in a dose dependant manner, meaning the higher the dosage, the greater the effect. Researchers demonstrated that MCP induced a dramatic ten-fold increase in NK-cell activation, and furthermore a significant 53.6% increase in the NK-cells’ functional ability to identify and destroy leukemia cancer cells.

Mechanism of Action (How MCP Works)
The Modified Citrus Pectin used consists of polysaccharides that come in contact with different receptors or proteins on the membranes of immune cells, which then become activated as a consequence of this specific interaction. Polysaccharides derived from mushroom species are known for their immunomodulatory effect and those effects are considerably lower than observed in the case of T cytotoxic and NK cell activation with this Modified Citrus Pectin. USDA scientists that co-authored the study analyzed the specific structure of this MCP.

Critical Information for Optimal Immune Support
There are two important aspects to the end results of this study when it comes to NK cells. The first one is how many of our NK cells, a specialized subset of T-lymphocytes that destroy infected and cancerous cells are activated by MCP. In other words, how many are awakened from their “sleep” and ready to fight harmful invaders and cancer. MCP exerted a dramatic 10 fold increase in their activation, greater than the positive control Interleukin-2 (IL-2). Additionally, once the NK cells were activated, their actual functional activity level, and specifically against cancer, was demonstrated to be statistically significant.

MCP’s Multiple Cancer-Fighting Properties
This significant increase in T-cytotoxic and NK-cell activation, together with a remarkable increase in NK-cells’ ability to identify and destroy human leukemia cells, proves that the tested MCP is a powerful immune enhancing agent, with the ability to selectively increase cytotoxic immune activity against cancer and infections. With this new data on Modified Citrus Pectin’s powerful immune effects, together with the extensive research on its ability to block cancer-promoting galectin-3 molecules, we now have a much greater understanding of MCP’s significant benefits in fighting and protecting against cancer. Ongoing research continues to demonstrate that MCP possesses numerous anti-cancer mechanisms of action that work to fight cancer from multiple angles.

This shows first-hand the transformative power of MCP in helping to fight disease and restore health. The benefits reach far beyond what had been scientifically proven before and many patients are becoming the vibrant examples of how MCP, used as part of an integrative and holistic health program, is not just adding years to peoples’ lives, but quality as well. Thanks to this recent landmark immune study, we now know that the powerful immune supporting actions offered by Modified Citrus Pectin represent a significant factor of this vibrant health equation.

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