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Depression And Intelligence Type – Do Intelligence Types Effect Your Life Success And Happiness?

By Rose White Young

Positive thinking and confidence are some of the traits that people think would take a person a long way in his journey to become a better and happier person. A lot of researches and studies have shown that intelligence is one factor that determines a person’s success and happiness (and a life free of mental health problems). Countless people have debated and are still debating whether intelligence can truly be measured or not. There have been multiple theories that tackle about intelligence and its different types.

Intelligence and personality types are mostly inherited and people with any personality type can suffer from depression. Depression is an extremely intricate illness and intelligence type and personality type are only two of the many factors that can contribute to the onset of the illness. However, if we have an awareness of the type of intelligence that we have it gives us a better understanding of ourselves and in effect it can equip us with a self awareness of who we are and how we can best overcome depression. Everyone’s recovery from depression is different and unique just as everyone’s onset of depression is unique.

The type of intelligence and personality type we have is not the most important influential factor on life happiness. It is how we use our intelligence and how we understand our personalities and accept ourselves for who we are that enables us to find our greatness and happiness in life. Read the description of the following eight types of intelligence to see where you best fit in and start to build a self awareness of who you are and an understanding of the type of person your are. It is this self awareness and understanding of self which will prevent the onset of depression or will enable you to access the right help and support to recover from your depression.

According to Howard Gardner, there are a total of eight intelligences in every human being. These intelligences are responsible for the way a person lives as well as their happiness and success in the long run. These intelligences collaborate and create a unique way of thinking for every person. It is important to note that not all people have the same level of intelligence in each area. Motivation is important especially in nurturing these intelligences.

The eight areas or types of intelligences are the following:

1. Spatial intelligence – This is the ability to think in a three-dimensional way. This is otherwise known as being “picture smart”. Those who have a high level in this area tend to be good artists, designers, pilots and architects.

2. Linguistic intelligence – This is responsible for the ability to think in words, be it verbally or in written form. This kind of intelligence helps people to understand the order of words and its meaning. People who are gifted with this kind of intelligence include journalists, poets, novelists, and public speakers.

3. Logical-mathematical intelligence – This is responsible for letting a person be able to calculate, quantify and complete mathematical questions. This is also responsible for seeing connections between symbols and to use abstract thinking.

4. Bodily-kinesthetic – This involves the capacity to move objects using body motions. This also involves a sense of timing. Those who have high levels in this area include dancers, athletes, and surgeons.

5. Musical – This is responsible for making people more aware and sensitive to sound, pitch, rhythm, and music. Singers, instrumentalists, writers and composers all have high levels in this area.

6. Interpersonal – This is responsible for the dealing or relationships between other people. People who have high levels in this area tend to be extroverts and are sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings. Read the rest of this entry »

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